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Why take an Alexandria History Tour?

Welcome to Alexandria, VA. You could be anywhere, and you chose to visit here. Maybe you are here because it seems like a convenient place to stay as part of your D.C. trip. Maybe you are on your way to Mount Vernon. Or maybe work has brought you to the area. Whatever the reason, I hope you will make the most of it!

Let's start with a fun fact: Alexandria is older than Washington D.C. and it was also part of it for nearly the entire first half of the 19th Century. Alexandria was an early colonial Virginia port city founded in 1749. These roots are still visible in the original layout of the city blocks and many original homes.

Old Town Alexandria is an ideal classroom to learn about early American history. From the father of our nation, George Washington, to the origins and events of the American Revolution, Alexandria has many amazing stories. The city also provides a backdrop to learn about American commerce, architecture, and religion. Finally, Alexandria was occupied by Union troops throughout the entire Civil War. September 2023 marks the official launch of our Civil War tour. 


Having served as a Marine infantry officer, my background inspires me to focus on military history and leadership. At the same time, with both an MBA and finance experience, I am also interested in business and commerce. Alexandria is a great place to learn about the American economy and how it developed. 

Fitzgerald's Warehouse

What makes our tours unique? 

  • In-depth research and carefully crafted routes

  • Local knowledge including recommendations around town 

  • High quality and professional service   

  • Ask questions and learn from a local history buff! 

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