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The Revolutionary War and Alexandria 
A professionally guided walking tour focused on Alexandria's Revolutionary War history

Starting at $30, see below

George Washington in battle

Revolutionary War Veterans

Many Alexandria residents joined the fight for American independence. We will see where they lived and worked. Revolutionary War veterans moved to Alexandria after the war to live close to George Washington. 

Carlyle House and cannon

Road to Revolution

Alexandria was a central location on the road to American independence. We will walk through several key events that led to the Revolutionary War and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. 

Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee

Revolutionary War Heroes

Learn about prominent heroes of the Revolutionary War like Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee and the Marquis de Lafayette by seeing places where they lived and stayed in Alexandria.

Revolutionary War Tour

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

More Information

  • 1.5 hours at $30 per person with discounts available

  • Private Tour up to 2 hours. Group rates starting at $90. Click here to see Pricing and Discounts. 

  • Guided Walking Tour: Approximately 1.5 miles


  • Alexandria residents participated in every major battle of the Revolutionary War

  • Learn about Alexandria's role in the sieges of Boston and Yorktown

  • Learn about Valley Forge and how Washington kept his army together

  • Learn how Washington relied on his Alexandria network to help win the war

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