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George Washington's Alexandria
A professionally guided walking tour through Washington's hometown!

Starting at $30, see below

George Washington


Learn about Washington's life as a seventeen year old surveyor to the city of Alexandria. Discover where Washington spent time with his Alexandria friends and neighbors.

Historic Christ Church


Major milestones in Washington's career happened in Alexandria! See where he celebrated the end of the Revolutionary War and began his journey as America's first President.

George Washington's townhouse on Cameron Street


Washington's influence on the city of Alexandria can still be seen to this day. Walk in Washington's footsteps and explore where he left his legacy in our beautiful port city! 

Tour Highlights Include:

- The Carlyle House

- Duvall's Tavern

- Gadsby's Tavern

- Washington's Townhouse

- Christ Church

- Captain's Row

- Plus many hidden gems!

George Washington's Alexandria

Washington crossing the Delaware

More Information:

  • 1.5 hours at $30 per person with discounts available

  • Private Tour up to 2 hours. Click here to see Pricing and Discounts. 

  • Walking Tour: Approximately 1.5 miles

  • Ask questions. Pet friendly. Wheelchair accessible.  

Ask as many questions as you want. Learn from a professional guide who has dedicated his life to studying George Washington. 

Great walking tour of Alexandria learning about George Washington and seeing the buildings, taverns and churches that have connections to him. Tim has done an excellent job in his research and has a passion for making connections to the history and tells you all the fun facts and shows you these important sites. Highly recommend!!"

- Dana

"Thanks for the great tour! Learned all about the hidden history of our first President and Old Town, well done!"

- William

Tim clearly is passionate about history and loves what he is doing. We took his tour as part of at team bonding and had a fantastic time. We appreciated Tim’s expertise and knowledge as he lead us around historic Alexandria in search of George Washington’s footprints. Would definitely recommend his tours to anyone.

- Marta

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