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Why take a walking tour in Alexandria, Virginia

A walking tour in Alexandria, Virginia is a rewarding way to discover the rich and fascinating history of Old Town Alexandria. Here are five reasons to take a guided walking tour in Alexandria.

1. Learn about Alexandria's local history. A guided walking tour will help you discover the story behind the story. If you read a plaque or brochure, you only get a little bit of information. A good history tour will contextualize everything. A knowledgeable guide will bring it all together. Prominent figures such as George Washington spent a lot of time in Alexandria. At Alexandria History Tours we show the connection that Washington had to the city of Alexandria. More importantly, we connect the dots between his interactions within the city and their meaning in terms of the historical time period.

2. Explore hidden gems. Imagine walking down one of Alexandria's many historic streets and not even realizing that you are strolling past a historic artifact. I hear constantly, "Oh I would have passed that and never known what it was." It's not that our walking tours take you off the beaten path. They show you what is on the beaten path and what you might miss if you were going alone.

3. Engage with a local. As a local, I am extremely passionate about the history of Alexandria. I have done extensive research and poured through the special archives at the local library. Alexandria History Tours will fill you in on the funny quirks, anecdotes, and silly facts that really bring the past to life and make history fun. Furthermore, as a local, you can get recommendations on places to eat and other fun things to do in the area.

4. Connect with fellow travelers. It is fun when guests get to know each other and meet new people. As our tour groups grow, we get like-minded individuals who are interested in history and exploring new places. You will meet people from all over the world. While we only have an hour or two, conversations continue after the tour ends. People love getting to know their fellow travelers! Come and make a new connection on your journey.

5. Stay active and enjoy the outdoors. Looking to get your steps in? Here is your chance to get out and stay active. When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, Alexandria looks amazing. Despite being an urban area, we have many beautiful trees and gardens. Our walking tours provide a good chance to explore the atmosphere. The public tour is 12 blocks so roughly one mile. When we end the tour, we will be near great places to eat and drink along the Potomac River. Your local guide will point you toward them. Maybe your new friends from the tour will join you!

Overall, a guided walking tour of Alexandria will fit in perfectly with your plans to explore the area. Alexandria History Tours is committed to making memorable experiences. We want you to have that "aha" moment that makes local exploration worth it. We want you to leave having learned something completely new. Furthermore, we want to get to know you and learn from you too. One of the best parts of being a tour guide is meeting and interacting with people from all over the world. So, let's meet soon!

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